To Block or Not To Block

A modern romance.

4 min readOct 12, 2021


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Now I might not be the best at relationships. I’ll admit it, I have kissed a lot of frogs but at least I can say this. I keep kissing, I don’t just settle for the best frog I can find I am bound to kiss a prince eventually so might as well keep going.

And that is what I call perseverance.

During my journey of searching for my prince, there have been a lot of frogs that have taken up more time than necessary. Sometimes they become obsessed with me or sometimes it’s the other way around. I convinced myself that they weren’t slimly toads acting like my prince and got burned for it.

If I really look at my past love life I can see where I deluded myself and wasted my own time. So let's talk about it so you don’t have to waste your time too. This is how you convince yourself into believing you are moving on but instead just spiral.

Projecting Your Expectations Onto The Frog

Let’s be honest, if he wanted to act right he would. Now, this seems simple enough to understand but the slim balls like to try and trick us. Here is what's gonna happen, at first they are gonna act like you are different. They may say they don’t think they can do a relationship but will keep a toothbrush for you at their house and talk to you every day. They will kiss you on the forehead, open the car door for you and act as if they never said they weren’t ready.

Then BAM! As soon as you start to care they will pull away. The texts are now only past 10 pm and if you dare try to ask them to clarify their feelings they will never be able to give you a straight answer. All the love and attention they have been giving you has suddenly been stripped away and you are left scrambling trying to figure out what went wrong.

Here is the cold hard truth, they were bored. They wanted a quick 3-week relationship to test it out and validate their ego, or someone else caught their eye and you became old news. With these frogs, there is no closure. They won't go back to the person they were at the start and they never developed real feelings.

Sometimes it takes months to realize that they aren’t coming back and that it wasn’t real for them. The whole time you tell yourself they actually still care about you. The real kicker is when they play the victim and act like since they have been hurt before they are just not ready to be emotionally available. Or maybe they’ll even say they won't let themselves be vulnerable because they are afraid of getting hurt again. That one is a real stinger cause it throws you the bone of thinking you can help heal them, but then they ghost you or call you crazy for caring about them.

You try the no contact rule hoping they’ll realize what they lost and come back. You’ll think about them constantly, just waiting for the moment when they’ll text you but they don’t. You try and post things you’ll know they’ll see so you can show how happy you are without them.

You insistently check your likes and views to see if they saw it, thinking that somehow if they did it’ll hurt them or bring them back to you. You even convince yourself that it’s their childhood trauma that made them like this and it isn’t their fault they pushed you away, it was just a defense mechanism.

This may be true but they aren’t children anymore and it just isn’t a good enough excuse to emotionally destroy someone else. Chances are they have probably moved on and don’t even think about you. Meanwhile, you are becoming more and more obsessed with trying to manifest that they’ll come back to you or that you’ll run into them somewhere.

All the while you are constantly checking to see what they post, who they follow, and what they like. You think everything they post is somehow a hidden message to you trying to say they miss you.

It isn’t your fault, we have all been down bad because of someone we thought cared about us before. The only way you are going to heal is to block them. It isn’t moving on if you are looking at pictures of them every day, and honestly, the only way to protect your inner peace and move on is to stop secretly waiting for them to come back.

It isn’t wrong to want something real in a generation that emphasizes hook-up culture so don’t be embarrassed that the frog tricked you. The best thing you can do for yourself is the mourn what you thought the relationship was and then block them out of your life completely.

Who knows maybe the next one won't be a frog.




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