Why Would I Respect You, If You Don’t Respect Yourself?

4 min readDec 13, 2022

Bold title, I know but hear me out.

People walking on a street past a retro clothing store.

I find that the world we live in today is increasingly becoming filled with broken agreements. It has become so standard to agree to plans because we are afraid of saying no. Say yes in the moment and then later on just come up with an excuse to cancel right?

Relationships have become brief and casual with the creeping thought of a cheating partner always hovering over our shoulder. And how could it not? With social media and constant temptation and comparison our trust is shipped away as the media normalizes hook-up culture.

Constantly on Instagram and Tik Tok there are videos going viral of scenarios of people telling someone they are “on their way” but in reality just rolling out of bed and no were near the door.

And you might say, well that is not me! I don’t do that, if I say I am going to be somewhere I will be there. And that might be true… but probably not. Stick with me here and be really honest with yourself, a study done by the University Of Wisconsin stated, “Lying comprised 7 % of total communication and almost 90 % of all lies were little white lies.” Now if you are like most people you probably tell little white lies to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or maybe to impress someone. Whatever the case maybe, I am sure you have a justifiable and reasonable excuse for it and that is the problem.

It could be in your businesses or in your relationships that you feel that you aren’t getting the respect you deserve and I am almost certain I can tie it back to your word. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz speaks about how you must be impeccable with your word.

Now I invite you to keep an open-mind and reflect on your life and see all the little broken agreements you have made with yourself and others. Of course, you need to keep your agreements with others but being a few minutes late to a meet up or not calling when you said you would isn’t going to make people see you differently. Well maybe not, but probably. Either way that is not the hill I want to die on today, there is something much bigger and more harmful that lays beneath the surface that i would like to shed light on.


I am a realtor and nationwide credit repair agent. I love entrepreneurship, psychology, and lucid dreaming!